Paragliding and motor paragliding in Iasi

You certainly looked enviously at those in mountain resorts paragliding and wished you were there.

Now you can easily fulfill this dream even closer to home, in Iasi, or you can make a reservation if you come on holiday in this beautiful city, so you can also enjoy unique activities that will relax you and fill your soul with joy.

It's an experience you can do alone or in a group, the feeling of well-being and happiness is unique, and if you spread your wings, you'll realise you can fly.

It can be a fun and insightful team building activity.

Top things to do in Iasi, a tandem paragliding or motor paragliding flight in Iasi - unique experience - perfect gift - unique and unforgettable team building activity!

clipe de neuitat la iasi, zbor in tandem cu parapanta si motoparapanta
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160+ Trainees

Paragliding school.

for those who want to extend their experience!

Licensed since 2010 and tandem pilot in 2016
Pilot and Flight Instructor

An avid enthusiast, he obtained his simple flight license back in 2010, after which he wanted to share with others the wonderful sensation and unique experience of feeling free. Flight instructor since 2018!

they flew with us...

a few of our happy customers...

nu poti sa pierzi, lucruri de facut in iasi
zboara la iasi, un cadou inedit
cadou deosebit pentru cei mici zboara la iasi
An experience you won't easily forget!
Flying, a unique experience!
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On 19.03 I was also on PROTv 🙂

for those who wish to read the article: link:… 
if not, the video is quite eloquent!

And since it's all the rage, we also asked a question, with refresh and reload 🙂 (twice) on ChatGPT...

Why should I try paragliding?
Paragliding can be an amazing and adrenaline-filled experience.
Firstly, it's a unique way to see the world from above, from a different perspective.
Secondly, it is an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed with friends or family, or it can be a solitary relaxing activity.
In addition, paragliding is a great way to feel free and connected with nature.
Finally, paragliding can be a therapeutic activity, helping to reduce stress and improve mood.

And the second answer:
There are several reasons why it might be interesting to try paragliding. One of the most important would be the feeling of freedom and being in sync with nature.
It's a unique experience that can help you relax and have fun at the same time.
Other benefits might be:
A unique perspective on landscapes
The opportunity to take amazing photos or videos
The activity can be practiced in many places in the world
Can be a group or individual activity
It can be a way to improve your self-confidence and overcome your fears.
It is important to bear in mind that this activity requires preparation and understanding of the risks. It is recommended that you start by taking lessons with a qualified instructor and follow the safety rules while flying.

...what do you say? 🙂

From the cycle of experiences and things to do in Iasi, thanks for the opportunity offered by TVR - full interview below. Thanks!

We help you reach higher than you thought you could!


The ingredients of an enjoyable flight are: passion, safety, flying experience and fun. With the first three we come to you, you just have to taste this wonderful experience and live the adventure.

All the equipment used is professional and approved. The pilot is experienced, with multiple tandem flights to his credit, licensed since 2010 and tandem pilot in 2016 - Iceland. Passionate enthusiast, he obtained his single license since 2010, after which he wanted to share with others the wonderful sensation and unique experience of feeling free.
Flight instructor since 2018!

ce sa fac la iasi, clipe de neuitat, zbor cu parapanta si motoparapanta
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