PACKAGES AND RATES - Paragliding Vouchers in Iasi

We're all different, so it's only natural that you can choose the flight that suits your structure or that of the person you're gifting a flight voucher to, and have three packages at your disposal, in tandem with an experienced pilot.
You can make a unique gift by giving one of the flights below - Flight Voucher! 
If you have doubts, or questions, call!

Flight packages
All packages contain Full HD video.
Prices / Height.
Swallow or Lazy Seagull
300 de lei / 400m
1. Up to 400 metres.
350 lei / 500m
2. Up to 500 metres.
450 lei / 650m
3. Up to 650 metres.
550 lei / 800m.
4. Up to 800 meters
800 lei / 1000m
5. Up to 1000 meters.
"Ristretto" package
600 de lei / 650m.
6. Ristretto (turns all flight) 650 meters.
800 lei / 800m
7. Ristretto (turns all flight) 800 meters.
1200 lei / 1000m
8. Ristretto (turns all flight) 1000 meters.

an experience as short and intense as this drink, suitable for thrill-seekers.
It consists of a lift to at least 650 metres above the ground and you'll benefit from elements of movement in the air, with tight turns and other acrobatics.

Swallow on the eve of spring

imitating the soaring flight of birds, happy to be out of winter, with linear turns,
so that you can fully enjoy the scenery.

Lazy Seagull

Lazy Seagull - if you're a more meditative nature and want a smooth, flowing flight,
then this is definitely the right package.

Customised offers can be made forgroups, so you can organise a unique team building that your employees will appreciate.

Whichever package you opt for, you'll also get a full HD movie at the end, which is included in the price,
so you can always relive these moments with friends and family.
If you want a two-camera shoot, the price is 50 lei extra.

The footage taken during the flight will be available on google drive at the link you will receive the day after the flight, the link will be active for 48 hours since the activation
In case you did not download it in time, we can retrieve it and provide you with a new link for 50 lei.

Only for gift vouchers you pay in advance; in other cases you pay after your flight.
(it will be an unforgettable gift)

For Vouchers - Paragliding - choose one of the above packages and call to purchase the voucher

They flew with us

Some of those who shared this unique experience in Iasi!

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