We understand that paragliding may raise some questions.
Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers:
and besides, if you have any more questions, just call!!!

Mainly in Iasi, with starting point Belcesti, or in the Delta of Moldavia, but can be organised on request for large team building groups in other areas.

You can fly over the city on a motorbike paraglider (tricycle) and capture unique images that will capture your attention and fill you with joy. 

Paragliding is considered a safe activity when flown with an experienced pilot and in good weather conditions. Proper instruction and appropriate safety equipment also help to ensure safety.

It's normal to have some nerves, especially if it's your first flight, but as soon as you get up in the air you'll forget about all the problems, the fear, and enjoy the adventure you're on. The pilots have a lot of experience behind them and will provide you with protection throughout, so there's nothing to worry about. You'll experience unforgettable moments and you'll definitely want to relive them. It's a time just for you, without everyday worries, without stress, without work problems, a time for meditation, for relaxation, for joy, for recharging your batteries.

If you have a fear of heights, paragliding can be a therapeutic experience, giving you a controlled sense of freedom and adventure. The experienced pilot will be with you to provide comfort and safety throughout the flight.

Paragliding does not require exceptional physical fitness. However, you must be in good enough health to cope with the minimal physical effort involved in take-off and landing.

There are two options you can consider - either you are indifferent to the date and want the pilot to schedule you on the first available day, or, if you have an important event such as a birthday, proposal, gift, etc., you will call the pilot to set the date and they will confirm 2 days in advance to see if the weather is favorable.

If you want to make a unique gift for a loved one, you should contact the company and you will receive a voucher, personalized, that you can give when you celebrate the event.

When you arrive at the departure point you will be instructed on what to do on take-off and landing, otherwise you just enjoy the flight, the pilot takes care of everything.

You can come straight from work or from the street, you don't need any special equipment, just comfortable shoes without heels. The equipment is fully provided by the organisers, you just enjoy the adventure.
In addition, you should know that all the equipment provided is professional and approved, so that you are safe during the flight, but also comfortable.

It is only a maximum of up to 130 kg, minimum over 0.5 kg. Even if you're a heavier person you don't have to deprive yourself of the fun, and tandem paragliding is an unforgettable experience for every participant. I recently flew with a 148kg person. 

There is no age limit, just passion and desire. Children must be over 5 years old to enjoy the unique experience and up to 18 years old they need parental consent. Grandparents accompanying grandchildren can also benefit from this adventure, regardless of age, just be active.

You can fly at any time of the year, every season has its beauties, any day of the week from sunrise to sunset. The pilot will probably check the weather two days in advance, but if the weather on the ground doesn't match the forecast, your flight may be delayed, with your safety first and foremost.

Paragliding is no longer considered an extreme sport, it is well regulated, with strict rules that increase the safety of the beneficiary.

Not a few people felt confident and had increased self-esteem at the end of the flight and expressed themselves this way:
if I did this I can do anything!

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